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google adwords 100 bounce rate

100% Bounce Rate in Google Adwords is a Serious Problem.

Bounce rate means that a visitor came to your site, looked at 1 page, then left. If your paying per click, 100% bounce is an expensive problem.  The target bounce percentage for your Adwords traffic should be 30% or lower.

“It means, they came, they didn’t like
it and now they are leaving.”

Bounce rate is an important metric for user engagement; a potential customer must be engaged if they are going to make a purchase. It is the job of your marketing and website to engage the customer and when you are failing, you will have a high bounce rate.

High bounce rate means that the traffic coming into your site is:

  1. Not relevant
  2. Not interested
  3. Dont like what they found
  4. Or is not quality traffic

Regardless, it equals poor user experience and a waste of time and money. If your Adwords traffic is reporting 100% bounce rate, you are wasting money and those keywords need immediate improvement!  Whereas 100% bounce rate for organic traffic is much more common, paid traffic should be lower than 50%. If you are under 40% you are doing ok but you need to get it down to 20% as a goal

The reason your paid traffic should have a lower bounce rate compared to organic is because you control which keywords bring you clicks and you control which landing page they will arrive. If you are too broad with your keywords, you will have completely irrelevant Search Terms which will equal low quality visitors. Or if your very focused and specific keywords are going to a generic page, this will also cause high bounce rate.

How to improve bounce rate:

  1. Increase keyword, ad, landing page relevancy to the problems your product/service solves
  2. Fix the User experience by a/b testing your lasting pages. Also use tools like Full Story or Hot Jar
  3. If the quality of traffic is low, then you need to raise the intent by targeting keywords that have intent to purchase
When you are driving traffic that is high quality, you will see lower bounce rate percentages and your website will generate leads:

Is There Ever A Situation Where 100% Bounce Rate is OK?

From time to time a very experienced marketer will make the argument that 100% bounce can be expected and that it isn’t always a negative. Although it is possible, not very likely.  In any event, that means that you not setup your anlaytics the best way for your case  and not accurately measuring bounce rate.

1 page website – In theory, a 1 page website can and would cause 100% bounce rate.  However, if so, it simply means that your analytics is not tracking in-page events that indicate user engagement. All valuable actions to your business should be tracked such as reading important information, downloading a whitepaper, submitting information into a webform etc…

Phone tracking can occur by loading a “virtual” page which causes the website to fire a hidden page and can cause 100% bounce rate.
This is the only example that should ever be accepted for 100% bounce rate. But these may need filtering to prevent misleading reporting. 


3rd – party Call To Action If you are using 3rd-party tools in your website, there is a possibility they will cause a high bounce rate.  If this is the case, you should question the need for the tool and if it was designed to increase the user engagement. If not, get something that engages your customer.  If the tool does not allow for Google Analytics integration and tracking, I would recommend that you find a better tool or have it made so that it can track your customers engagement.