How to go from 100’s to 1,000’s of conversions

One of the greatest challenges a business will face when scaling is how to go from hundreds to thousands.

It’s easy to spend more on advertising, but spending more doesn’t mean more sales.  Typically, the more you spend the less you make and conversion rates plummet.


One of the most important first steps is to reach out and work with someone who has been there before. The same thing you would do if you were to try and climb the Himalayas, would you be risky and go at it alone? Or you could find a Sherpa who has been there before and can show you the way.


Second step is find the data and you will find the path to scale. No one ever scaled with the wrong data. 


To get the data you must have robust analytics. You can not manage what you can’t measure. What’s measured can be improved.


The analytics that you are using now to start the journey will not be the same to scale.

About the Author
Alex Fender is a Google Certified Analytics Consultant and is an expert in internet marketing. If you have questions or would like to contact him, he can be reached at (972) 867-3100.