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Funnel Science® Guarantee


Give us just 90 days and you will see results or your money back.

Dear Customer:

At Funnel Science®, we believe that if you work with sales and marketing experts, you should expect real results. For a business, results are simple, more sales. In digital marketing, Conversions are the goals or actions you want your visitors to take: I.E. registration sign-ups, completed checkouts, lead form requests and inbound phone calls from new customers. If you get more conversions, you tend to get more sales. We help you do both, more conversions and more sales.

We are a team of Sales & Marketing Experts. Our Funnel Science® we want you to be happy and guarantee it to work or your money back.

To increase eCommerce sales or inbound website leads or phone calls, you must improve 5 conversion metrics that immediately precede a customer when completing an online transaction or which results in a purchase.

Those metrics must be achieved in this order: Click-thru-rate, Bounce Rate, Time on Page/Site, Steps into Website Sales Funnel, & Completed Calls To Action.

Tracking only clicks is futile. We track impression, click, call, form, text, all the way to purchase; and through behavioral analysis and sampling, we can increase sales through all online channels.

And “we eat our own dog food.”

Guarantee: If Funnel Science does not improve your conversion metrics, we will give you your money back.

Our results are 100% verifiable through
Google Analytics

When you first contact our specialists, we will provide a demo of how we help and a free assessment of your sales funnels, ppc accounts, Google Analytics and sales infrastructure. Then we provide recommendations to ensure that it is properly tracking with goal funnels and conversion tracking that help us measure from online action to purchase. The setup takes minutes and integrations with ppc, seo, social and direct traffic tracking and optimizing in real time. We require that you have proper sales and transaction reporting and we make that easy too. We can then determine the revenue down to each keyword, campaign and web page.

We have the ability and we track  everything. We track clicks, forms, emails phone calls, text messages, social media engagement, online PR reach, quality of search engine optimization (SEO) traffic, mobile & tablet visitors, online video and we can isolate and segment the demographics to target your highest value customer. It will not be a mystery where your customers are coming from and we have the tracking to prove ROI, earnings per click and marketing quality.

You will be able to access, review and track progress through your independent reporting in Google™ Analytics in real time and Funnel Science® 24/7. If you have more questions, would like a proposal, or if for any reason you would like to speak with me, call and ask for me by name.
Alex Fender
Founder – President