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Know exactly where to invest your marketing budget | Spend Less. Sell More!

Get sophisticated funnel intelligence into what drives sales, ROI, and funnel leakage across every stage of your marketing and sales funnel, and where you can invest to make the biggest impact.

Sales Optimization using data science, marketing science and setting up a company eco-system of Testing As a Profit Center with an easy to use Funnel System that integrates into your business. Remove the junk, waste and fraud while honing in on the best quality audience to maximize ROI. Geofencing, dayparting, lead scoring, predictive analytics are the core focus of sales optimization services.

Leveraging Predictive Analytics

Building a company and team that leverages data as a core competency and uses the data as a competitive advantage over others in the market place. When you leverage predictive analytics, you manage your business in way that where you spend less and sell more.

Artificial Intelligence

How does AI work for sales? Your sales team only contacts leads with a 40% or higher probability of closing. Sales people have way more outbound calls, connects and there talk time is measured in hours.

Emails have very low open rates and clog up inboxes. Text messaging has greater than a 90% open rate is a secrete open for sales professionals. Especially when these are all linked directly into the CRM.

Predicting who is going to buy and getting in front of them with content marketing, drip emails, retargeting and approaching customer acquisition in a omni channel environment.

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