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Sales Optimization

Getting Your Team in the Zone for Hours Each Day

Sales Optimization means getting rid of down time and accelerating sales time. Remove the junk, waste and fraud while honing in on the best quality leads. Maximizing the hours of the day to call the leads at the right time, when they are ready and willing to speak.


Leveraging Predictive Dialing

Your sales team doesnt even dial, they dont waste time hearing dial tones or rings at all.  Just the sound of the next prospects picking up on the other side of the line and they screen changed with all of the leads info right in-front of them.

Even better is they never have to hang up, as soon as the call is over there is a few second delay before routed directly to the next lead within seconds of leaving the previous conversation. Of course there are tools like pause, esign, email and text message too.

In a matter of seconds, everyone on your team is talking to prospects.

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Sales Artificial Intelligence

How does AI work for Sales? Your sales team only contacts leads with a 40% or higher probability of closing. Sales people have way more outbound calls, connects and there talk time is measured in hours.

Emails have very low open rates and clog up inboxes. Text messaging has greater than a 90% open rate is a secrete open for sales professionals. Especially when these are all linked directly into the CRM.

Predicting who is going to buy and getting in front of them with content marketing, drip emails, retargeting and approaching customer acquisition in a omni channel environment.

Audience Segmentation

Building audience lists and leveraging third party data which feeds directly into your digital marketing, tv and radio advertising. Then building look-a-like lists based on the type of customer you want to target.


Better Leads+Faster Sales Process+Marketing Automation = Sales Optimization