Predictive Phone Call Tracking Software for Marketing & Sales

Funnel Science predictive call tracking software

Revolutionize the sales process and vastly improve your ROI!

Funnel Science has developed a phone call tracking software that integrates with leading ad platforms like Google AdWords, Facebook, Youtube.

Designed by PPC and SEO experts that support marketing agencies and sales consultants.

Funnel Science uses machine learning and predictive analytics to help increase phone sales and accelerate revenue.


Call tracking that integrates with analytics, CRM & omni-marketing channels to track keyword conversions, sales, revenue and earnings per click.

How it works

The phone tracking sets up in minutes and can link your website, marketing campaigns, analytics, and crm with a simple copy and paste of a javacript code that installs in your website.

It displays detailed information on screen, with a pop up so the agent does not have to find the call. The caller details are immediately entered into your sales crm so that we can close the loop between marketing and sales.  Funnel Science reduces hold time and streamline inbound call processes with predictive analytics phone tracking.  Immediately increase PPC, SEO and Social Media phone calls by linking the call tracking to your ad campaigns. With call tracking and recording, we track sales so you know the real ROI.

Automatically log the phone call in Contact Management and create new records. Turn the challenge of hundreds or thousands of phone calls into sales opportunity and improve customer satisfaction and ROI each time your phone rings.


Track Clicks, Forms, Texts, Phone Calls | Then Connect the Dots to Sales, ROI, Revenue



This software was designed by marketing experts to track every step through the sales funnel. Visits, forms, texts, phone calls – each measured in 1 dashboard from click to purchase.

Dont just track calls and conversions. Track the calls, that result in sales. Tools that help get rid of the junk calls. Increase phone sales and accelerate revenue.