3 Ways we Increase ECommerce Sales by 15%

How To Get More Ecommerce Sales

If you are trying to Increase Your Ecommerce Sales – Read Closely

1) Don’t SEO Your Website…

until you have tested your site, pages, and products for conversions.

This is extremely important because SEO alone will not increase your sales.  In fact, many SEO strategies are counterproductive and cause your visitors to leave your website without buying.

Why?  SEO does not pay attention to the Human element and what appeals to buyers while in the buying cycle.  SEO is graded based on how much traffic gets to your website, not how much of that traffic turns into sales.

Business owners judge SEO based on how many sales can be attributed to the performance of the SEO company.  None of the SEO reports or analytics are setup to judge ROI.  Testing for conversions is the process of getting more of your ecommerce shoppers to buy from your site.


This button is an example of what an SEO website designer threw up on a site.

This button is an example of what the button looks like after several attempts of conversion testing.

After the tests were completed, Button 2 proved to increase sales on the site by more than 5%. You need to test everything on your ecommerce site for conversions.  If you dont, you have no idea what is causing your customers to leave without buying.

Funnel Science has a Conversion Optimization Service that can help you increase ECommerce Sales.  If you would like more information, Call us at 877-301-0001.


2) Improve your Analytic’s – Track Phone CallsIncrease Ecommerce Sales with Phone Tracking Analytics

If you dont have an analytic tool installed into your website, Google offers aDynamic Call Tracking - Website Analytics free tool called Google Analytics that will track your customers actions on your website.

With Google analtyics, you can track everything important except phone calls into your business from your website.  In a recent test, we determined that customers were 10x more likely to call a business first before they would fill out the websites forms.

By tracking customers that were on the website and then calling into the business, Funnel Science determined that the websites copy did not clearly answer all of the customers questions regarding purchases and potential shipping questions.

Just like you track the keywords and urls with analytics, you can do the same tracking to determine which keywords and url’s generate phone calls.  You can also determine which ones don’t generate phones calls and then remove them from your website.

Call tracking online visitors is a crucial step to increase Ecommerce Sales.  Without the data, you are looking at your site with only 1 eye.  The data from Call tracking increased the ecommerce sites sales by another 5%.


3) Don’t Do what your Competition is Doing

Building or modeling your website after the competition is what the majority of website owners and designers do.  But what if what the competition is doing is not working for them.

This is often the case and creates an environment where the blind are leading the blind.  This goes back to step 1 and step 2, track the variables on your website and test them for user responses.  Track actions by tracking phone calls.  Then, design original items to add to your website.

Originality works far better than copying everyone else.  Photostock or generic photos are another critical design flaw and always perform worse than original designs.  Testing for conversions yielded an important finding about using the generic stock photos.  When compared against original custom photos, the site increased sales by another 5%.


About the Author:
Marcus Bradley has been testing websites to determine which website variables cause positive and negative user responses since 2001.  He has worked on several hundred websites testing the actions of online shoppers and how they respond when you change colors, design, layout, keywords; the list goes on and on.

If you would like to get more information about increasing your ECommerce Websites sales, call Funnel Science at 877-301-0001


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