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How to Get More Dental Patients

Marketing Science Designed, Tested & Proven for Dentistry

Funnel Science is a process of using social and data science to hone your sales funnel. This process makes marketing predictable to build sales funnels with the specific target customers that have the highest revenue and sales close ratio.

Top High Ticket Dentistry Funnels

  1. Cosmetic
  2. Dentures
  3. Implants
  4. Veneers
  5. Braces/Orthodontist
  6. General Dentistry
  7. Oral Surgery


Patient funnels can be drag and drop onto your practice to immediately help you immediately increase appointments. We can setup the funnels to add new families to your patient list for general dentistry or specific types of cases. We can help you target insurance or cash pay patients and we can help you increase appointments from 10 to hundreds per month.

Quickly acquire new patients and grow the practice

How it works

1) Funnels are setup with digital ads, audiences, targeting, landing pages, tracking and predictive analytics.

2) Acquiring More Patients

Once your funnel is setup, we begin filling the funnel with your target audience. We don’t just want to bring you traffic and clicks, we want to fill your schedule with high value appointments. We do this by running highly targeted digital ads on search, social and video ad networks.

Geofencing setup to target zip codes and cities within short radius of your location(s).

Ad budgets range from $1,000 to 5,000 for small practices with 1 or 2 providers. Larger practices with multiple doctors and locations will need to spend more to get maximum results. Normally patient acquisition costs range from $100 to $350 per patient. 

3) Patient Funnels based on 10 years of Data, Research and Testing

Patient funnels for dentists can drag and drop onto your practice immediately increasing appointments. You can turn the funnel up or down at any time. We offer month-to-month options so you can cancel at any time if you are not getting results. Or we offer 12 month plans with 20% discounts.

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