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How to write corporate blog posts that generate leads and sales

Simple ideation method is to run ppc campaigns using broad-match keywords. Look for all of the question related search queries that popup and answer those questions. Endless supply of ideas contained in the search queries report for both B2B and B2C.

Ask an SEO person and they will tell you to write blogs post based on “search” volume and to pull some type of keyword impression report. Ask a conversion expert the same question, they will say use Voice of Customer reporting from your call transcripts.

But if you want to know how an expert guides his teams on what content to write that gets sales, then pull your keyword ROI report and write content based on that report that details which keywords yield the greatest ROI and layer your Voice of Customer report by clustering keywords from the ROI report against the call transcripts. You can also layer online chat conversations and cluster those conversations as well. Always rank the list of topics from high to low based on the customer conversation.

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