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Funnel Science can help your business identify & position your website in front of potential customers who are actively searching for your products and services.

Funnel Science Internet Marketing Lead Generation Intelligence

The Funnel Science process analyzes every click, user action and segments behaviors by scientifically testing website variables to increase the conversion rate.

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Did you know that since the 2008 recession, Internet Advertising is the only medium of advertising that has grown and expanded while TV, Radio, Print, Yellowpages have all greatly lost market share.

This is because 85% of all buyers now begin their search for a product or service using search engines.  If your business is not advertising online, you are missing out on the 85% of customers who use the internet to shop.

Buyers are more informed than ever before with information available at the click of the finger. They can read product reviews, customer reviews, forum conversations,  BBB reports and after they do there research, they are ready to find a website to buy from.

Website analytics has transformed marketing and now we can know in real time if are marketing dollar are resulting in more sales.

Internet Marketing Consulting Services

Our strategy

Keywords are ultimately the most important aspect of any successful campaign.  Each Keyword is like a Bill Board on the Information Highway with the potential of reaching 100s of thousand every single day. Before you spend resources optimizing, you should first prove the keyword will convert the traffic into sales.

After you have proven keywords, the goal is to increase traffic from sources that prove to convert into sales. For a business to grow, you need to have 4 – 7 sources of traffic that produce sales.

Then Funnel Science begins the process of reducing the cost per acquisition and increase the quality relative to the close ratio for each source of traffic.

More Sales. More Leads. Guaranteed Results.