Funnel Science launches

Funnel Science launches new brand

On June 16th, 2013 Funnel Science is officially launching our newest brand: & SEM Agency



As we continue our mission to Funnel Science the world, then the galaxy, and finally going intergalactic, we launch our newest brand.

The launch of the brand marks a significant step forward for us and establishes a vital component of our business plan and war fighting doctrine.

Absolutely the best time to begin with the Funnel Science process is at the inception when your business plan is still on the bar napkin. However, we do not work with startups. The only Funnel Science will work with come must come established with a growth strategy that encompasses marketing, sales & operations.

More than 70% of the business we have meet with in the last 2 years are just not ready or prepared to Funnel Science their business.

The one thing that I have a witnessed first hand in working with some very established businesses, if your sales & marketing growth strategy do not incorporate an operations growth plan, you are not ready.  The saying too big to be small and too small to be big hits home for most businesses.

After selling my previous business and prior to launching Funnel Science, I attended an entrepreneurs boot camp hosted by Momentum Texas. Jim Reid introduced me to an article written by Jay Goltz published in the N.Y. Times: Top 10 Reasons Small Businesses Fail. I recommend that you read and frame this article and reflect back no matter what stage of the game your in.

When the math doesn’t work combined with rapid growth, you business is setup for failure.  This is true for marketing campaigns too. Funnel Science is the 900lb gorilla that most small businesses can not afford and middle market companies are not prepared for, said Gene Blanton, the interim CEO of Funnel Science.

We have seen our marketing and optimization process absolutely overwhelm clients not prepared for rapid growth. So we have segmented our client base by splitting those that are ready to grow with those that are beginning to grow and created

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