Psychology of color in branding and digital marketing for the healthcare industry.

The Impact of Color in Healthcare Marketing

What Does Color Mean to Your Medical Practice?

Like any other business offering a product or service, smart branding and marketing are also keys to the success of your healthcare company. Ultimately, your patients are your consumers and studies show color plays a big impact in results. 

If your logo and branding are distracting or confusing, it’s likely your waiting room is, too. Potential patients may pass you up on the notion that your service will follow suit simply because you are using the wrong colors.

What Message Are You Sending At First Glance?

Red – Increases aggression, conveys passion, strength, and confidence.
Blue – Represents trust, tranquility, and peace.
Yellow – Conveys happiness, cheerfulness, and liveliness.
Orange – Often means creativity, openness, and friendliness.

In fact, Healthcare Design Magazine wrote, “Cool colors tend to be more calming, so things that are in the blues and the blue-greens, those types of colors really put people at ease because they do bring a sense of tranquility,” while bright colors like red and orange can actually raise anxiety levels.

Why Would You Hire A Gardener Whose House Plants Are Dead?

You wouldn’t. And the modern day medical consumer won’t do business with a doctor that doesn’t take every element of his business with seriousness and purpose, starting with the subtle message sent through the color of their logo.

Color | Seasons | Biorhythms

Dr. William Shiel Jr. of  Mission Heritage Medical Group, states that “All forms of life on earth, including our bodies, respond rhythmically to the regular cycles of the sun, moon, and seasons,” all of which involve varying color changes throughout the cycle of one year, and color is directly related to your body’s natural internal rhythm. He states in a recent MedicineNet Biorhythm article :

“Medical chronobiologists have found that biologic rhythms can affect the severity of disease symptoms, diagnostic test results, and even the body’s response to drug therapy. Now, these investigators are working to discover how the rhythms of life can be used to improve the practice of medicine — and your health.”

If you think your superior service is enough to elevate you above your competitors, think again. According to The Healthy Home Economist, “Modern research suggests that, yes, color does have a profound impact on how we feel and our biological functions.”

Why wait to start the healing process for your patients only after you’ve established a diagnosis?

Start now. Convey the right message in your logo that indicates you’re serious about health, right down to the mood the color of your logo evokes.


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