Ecommerce Interactive & Funnel Science Announce Strategic Alliance

Ecommerce Interactive & Funnel Science Announce Strategic Alliance

Austin, Texas – Dallas-Based Ecommerce Interactive announces a strategic alliance with Funnel Science to develop next generation Web 3.0 systems

The strategic alliance was announced by Bryce Finnerty, CEO of Ecommerce Interactive, on Sunday March 11, 2012 at SXSW 2012. Finnerty said, “we have already tested and deployed the first generation web systems and we have noticed very promising results.”

Under the alliance, Funnel Science will provide the technology to analyze customer purchasing behavior on websites and Ecommerce Interactive will optimize and deploy the systems. The first generation technology has already been successfully tested on lead generation website platforms while ecommerce systems remain in beta testing.

The science uses qualitative & quantitative data analysis to predict how customers will behave on websites. With this technology, website traffic is segmented and broken down in into purchasing and non-purchasing (just surfing) visitor actions. We are now able to predict and determine the path that leads to the most sales said Alex Fender, President of Funnel Science.

The technology is only two years old and has already demonstrated how businesses are able to target and position their websites in front of visitors that are most likely to become customers.  South by Southwest has seen a major improvement in the lineup this year with many new and emerging technologies being showcased for the first time. Despite the daily coverage in the media about a lagging economy, those in attendance notice an abundance of thriving technology firms.

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