Effective Internet Marketing: Google Adwords PPC Marketing

Most Effective Internet Marketing Strategies: Start with Google Adwords PPC

Google Adwords Pay Per Click gives you Quick Insight in Profitable Keywords


To build an effective internet marketing strategy, you must focus on the website ROI. Adwords can accelerate your marketing efforts by testing keywords to determine which keywords generate sales and which keywords only generate clicks.

With information and service based websites, ROI is determined by how many leads the website produces and then turns into sales.  For a website that primarily sells products through E-Commerce Platforms, your ROI is easily calculated by the number of sales the website generates.

Keywords start everything online.  Not All Keywords however are Profitable!

Keywords make up the words used by customers to find your products and services.  But not all keywords lead to sales.  Many keywords that may be relevant to your product are generated from terms that never generate sales. (If you need help determining a keyword list to work from, use Google Keyword Tool )

Example:  Keyword string “Tires for Honda Accord”

Now if you are Car Wash  website selling tire cleaning as part of your service and focusing on this type of keyword, your website will have a poor ROI.  Someone searching for “Tires for Honda Accord” is looking to find new tires.

How Google Adwords Increases Marketing Results

Adwords is Pay Per Click or paid search advertisements that you see on Google search pages and within the Google Display Network.

When creating an Adwords campaign, you must input the desired keywords that you will bid on.  The bidding system is complicated so you may want to explore some of the different strategies and how you would want to proceed.

Now not all keywords are going to lead to sales.  A keyword that is asking about prices or reviews is someone who is directly engaged in the buying cycle.  Where another search query looking for _________ (Type of ) Companies is typically from someone wanting to market information to these types of businesses.

PPC Marketing is the first step in building an effective internet marketing campaign because you can quickly test which keywords will generate sales.  Now you must also have a webpage that can turn the traffic into sales

Initially, it is impossible for anyone to know 100% which are the best keywords to market too.  Therefore you should start with a small group of keywords that are focused on your best, most profitable product.

Start small because you have a greater & faster Return on your Investment by building and testing a small number of products and relevant keywords. This also allows you to target more of your PPC budget into the products most likely to turn a profit for your business.

Bidding on keywords is through Google Adwords will bring you quick traffic and allows you to test both your webpages for conversions, but also the keywords themselves.

Then after you have determined the keywords you have determined to be profitable, you should build an SEO campaign only with the proven keywords.  This strategy guarantees fast, measurable results that will lead to a website that has a true, calculated Return on Investment.

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