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Identify the type of customer that you want to bring back

Reengaging Customers
Top Remarketing Strategies

There are many things your brand can do to reengage your customers. But should you try to reengage all of your customers? No. You should try and reengage your best, most profitable customers that have the highest Customer Lifetime Value.

Why you should be remarketing: remarketing campaigns drive higher conversion rates, more sales and can bring you higher profit margin customers.

When you identify your best customers, you can then find a startegy to get more of them. To the same point, when you identify your worst customers, you can update existing strategies to block them from entering your marketing funnel. The key to any remarketing strategy starts identification.

3 Basic Level Remarketing Strategies

Marketing Campaign – ppc, seo, content, video – it doesn’t really matter, using remarketing to support your marketing campaign will boost your overall performance. However, we do not suggest using remarkerting until you have reached at least a 5% conversion rate otherwise, you will only increase the waste!

Adroll retargeting is one of the better retargeting platforms for wide audience targeting and campaigns that include networks other than Google and DoubleClick.

Search Term/Product Interest based on the either the users search query or the landing page they express interest in.

AdWords RLSA PPC Campaign – its a remarketing campaign specific for search ads and we have seen some of the highest conversion rates with RLSA strategies.

3 Intermediate Remarketing Strategies

Using Google Analytics, you can find the more opportunities to build custom audience lists. You should consider retargeting based on:

  1. Device type & operating systems
  2. Geography
  3. Product Service | Landing Page + Whitepaper Downloads

3 Advanced Remarketing Strategies

  1. Behavioral Retargeting based on Customer Profile
  2. Highest Close Ratio
  3. By Greatest Profit Margin

If you would like more insight on advance remarketing strategies, call and speak with one of our SEM experts.

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