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Best PPC Software for Managing PPC Ads on Search, Shopping, Social and Video Ads with All-in-1 Capabilities

Setup in 15 minutes and immediately begin to improve PPC ROI with tools for CRO, UX, and SEO/PPC website improvements with all-in-1 cloud solution.

  • PPC Maintenance
  • PPC Conversion Tracking
  • PPC Optimization Tasks

Why The Right PPC Software IS Critical To Your Business

The right pay-per-click software should minimize the amount of effort needed to maintain your campaigns, while also giving you actionable intelligence to make the correct decisions about your keywords and ad campaigns. With Funnel Science, you can:

  • Maximize your Return on Ad Spend
  • Improve your Quality Score
  • Target your message to the audience most likely to become customers
  • Minimize irrelevant click traffic and wasted ad spend
  • Gain insight about your customers and make adjustments to your advertising plan
call tracking and lead capture

Every action a person takes, from clicking your ad to calling your company, generates a ton of useful data. Funnel Science records this data, analyses it, and presents you with easy to read and actionable intelligence so you can make the best decisions when making changes to your ad campaigns. Descisions like how much of your budget to spend on a particular campaign, how much to bid on a keyword, should you keep a particular keyword, etc.

By using the Funnel Science PPC software to weed out junk clicks and poorly performing campaigns, you can focus your advertising dollars on the PPC campaigns and keywords that work. This same data can be used to optimize your website and landing pages, increasing your Quality Score. Higher quality means higher relevence, higher positioning in searches, and lower ad costs.

Turn Your PPC Campaigns Into Money Multipliers

PPC advertising should be an investment, not just an expense. When fully utilized, Funnel Science PPC software can help you double, triple, even quaduple your returns on PPC advertising.

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