Google Congratulates Premier Google Partner

Letter from Google Congratulates Funnel Science on Premier Google Partner Status


By Neil Farquharson

Here at Funnel Science, we’re still aglow with the excitement of receiving our plaque and gifts from Google in recognition of being awarded Premier Google Partner status. Included in all the packages was a letter to our CEO, Alex Fender, from Allen Thygesen, VP Global Sales & Operation for Google, that I’ve photographed below.

Allen included the words:

“In recognition of your dedication to digital media and to keeping your clients on a cutting edge of advertising, we are delighted to announce your new status as a Premier Google Partner.”

He went on to write:

“The Premier Partner badge is both a symbolic and tangible way to differentiate yourself in the market, and comes with a higher level of service and commitment from Google.”

Needless-to-say, all at Funnel Science are ecstatic to receive this honor and are looking forward to further expanding the business as more people hear about the incredible results we’ve been getting with AdWords, Bing and Facebook PPC advertising conversion rates and lead generation.


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