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Funnel Science Guarantee

Give us just 90 days and you will
see results or your money back.

At Funnel Science, we believe that if you outsource your marketing activities, you should expect real results.

Conversions are the goals or actions you want your visitors to take. I.E. registration sign-ups, completed checkouts, lead form requests and inbound phone calls from new customers. To increase sales or leads, you must improve 5 conversion metrics that immediately precede a customer from completing an online transaction or that results in a offline purchase.

Those metrics must be achieved in this order:

1) Click-thru-rate (CTR) – you must have some traffic to your website that is qualified from customers within the sales cycle.

2) Bounce Rate – this is how quickly your visitor hits your website and then leaves your website.  The quickest way to improve results is to focus on the visitors that are leaving your site without taking action.

3) Time on Page/Site – these 2 metrics determine how long your visitor stays on your website.  If your visitors are only averaging less than couple minute on your site, what is that telling you? To be engaged, it requires interaction and that is measured through user actions.

4) Steps into Website Sales Funnel – as the potential customer learns more, they progress deeper into your sales funnel.  These are the steps users must take before they will complete a shopping cart purchase, submit a lead form request/signup, or pickup the phone and call your business.

5) Completed Calls To Action (CTA) – These are the actions of completed goals.

Every business has customers enter through either a lateral or horizontal sales funnel.  Your visitors must progress through these steps before a sale will happen. We are able to back up our guarantee by tracking each action through your website sales funnel with Google Anlyltics.

By influencing more actions within each step, we are able to ensure we get more conversions.

Guarantee: if Funnel Science does not improve your conversion metrics, we will give you your money back.

Our results are 100% verifiable through 3rd party reporting
When we begin working with you, we will first review your Google Analytics integration and ensure that it is properly tracking with goal funnels and conversion tracking.  This reporting will be installed on your website and will track ever user generated action.  We have the ability to track inbound phone calls with dynamic phone tracking and support setup and integration.

You will be able to access and review your reports in real time, 24/7.

To get started, call us at 877-301-0001. If you have more questions or if for any reason you would like to speak with me, call and ask for me by name.


Alex Fender
President – Founder



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