There Is A Science To Internet Marketing

and it begins with

|  Our process helps you monetize your website traffic into sales  |
|  The Process Is Funnel Science  |

The internet has changed the way business is conducted; 97% of Americans use the internet to research the products and services they are going to purchase online and offline.

Funnel Science applies scientific testing to your brand, marketing, and website to determine the variables that lead to positive and negative customer purchasing actions.

Your business, every business, has a funnel: a decision making process that every visitor will go through when determining if they will buy from your business.   This process further breaks down into specific behaviors and characteristics that all people go through while in the sales cycle.

By installing analytics and multi-variate testing software, we can determine with 100% certainty how to influence user actions.  Further testing can determine which variables cause the visitors leave your website. Testing identifies what works and what doesnt by measuring your customers actions. After you remove the negative variables on your website that causes negative responses, the visitors become more engaged throughout the entire decision making process.


Funnel Science developed the Reflective Learning & Converting (RLC) Model; this is the science behind the marketing.

Deploying analytics, multi-variate testing and  statistical modeling, we continuously test and analyze how your customers interact with your brand, marketing and website. Then we build a better sales funnel that increases online and offline purchases.