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PPC Experts Asked: What Is A Conversion?


Video Tutorial From PPC Rainmakers Tackles Conversions

Let’s face it, just because a prospective customer looks at your online contact page does not mean they’re going to contact you. For effective PPC lead generation, you need to pick customer behaviors that are predictive of a sale. Many businesses fail to use the cheapest and most information-rich source right at their fingertips – their own historical data. By analyzing your own PPC or AdWords data, you get to find what customer behaviors are likely to lead to a sale. And yes, one of these customer behaviors is the completion of a contact form: not just looking at it, but actually typing in information and hitting the “submit” button. Think about this for a moment: If a customer takes the time to fill in your contact form, it is very likely they will then go on to make a purchase from you.

So, look at your customers who made purchases. Then work backward through their histories to see what behaviors preceded the purchase. Armed with this real data, gleaned from your own customers and from your own website, you can then target your PPC spend on the words, placements, landing pages and so on, most likely to lead to sales.

Watch our tutorial by clicking below.


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