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Breast cancer has affected many of us in the United States and raising awareness is paramount to prevention and lowering fatality rates.   One way that your New York business can help raise awareness, and money, for breast cancer is to register at

Google and Susan G. Komen for the Cure invite New York City residents and businesses to help fight breast cancer this October and November. Donate at businesses marked with a Pink Pin or on and Google will match contributions up to $50,000

If you are one of the first 1,000 to register, your Google places marker will be Pink in the New York area where everyone else will remain the standard grey.

Whenever a customer searches Google for something local, the maps for businesses show up in the search results. When a user clicks on the location pin, they are taking to the businesses Google Places page giving the customer the option to find out more information about the business.

One problem though, there might be hundreds of businesses around your area and you need to stand out! gives you this opportunity by presenting your location pin as a pink icon, attracting the customer to your pin.  It also lets the community know that you are supporting Breast Cancer awareness and the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation.

Additionally your listing could appear higher on the Google maps sidebar and will help to create a positive branding of your business in the local community.  When a customer clicks on your Pink Pin, he or she will have the option to donate to Breast cancer awareness

This breast cancer awareness initiative is an altruistic cause that we can all relate to as human beings.  Whether the customer knows consciously or not, simply clicking on the pink business over the others will give them a sense of comfort and generosity leaving them open to new ideas.  Not only can this benefit the customer emotionally, but you as a business owner can feel good knowing that you are raising money for breast cancer awareness, while more effectively promoting your business at the same time.

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