How To Get a 100% Google AdWords Conversion Rate

The Secret To Getting More Conversions

How To Get a 100% Google AdWords Conversion Rate

One of the things I’m often challenged on is my deeply held conviction that 100 percent conversion rates are possible. You can see above an actual AdWords screenshot showing one of my 100% conversion rates.

Okay, I shall admit that you are not going to get 100% with every client all the time. However, let’s say you have a known traffic source: if people are ready to buy, and you’re selling the product they want, at an appropriate price point, then it follows that if they are presented with your ad, they will buy.

Recently I accepted an invitation from Neil Farquharson to give more detail on camera, and you can see that video here:

In the video, I explain that getting 100 percent conversion rates is more realizable than most people would expect. Most people use scattershot techniques with PPC ads: they try to get as many impressions and clicks as possible, regardless of costs; even though most clicks will be from people who are NOT looking for your product or service. To get a 100% conversion rate, you need to connect prospective customers who are looking for a particular product or service to a vendor (you) who is offering the product or service they are searching for. A simple concept really!

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