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What Marketing People Don’t Know About Optimization May Kill Your Sales Funnel

Optimization is not a creative process but don’t tell that to folks in the marketing industry. Marketers seem to be blind to what optimization really means. Optimization is a mathematical process that requires using at least addition, subtraction, division or multiplication in some basic form. Advance optimization techniques will include algebra, calculus or algorithms such as Naive Bayes or Monte Carlo.


Optimization requires knowing your numbers and trying to achieve a maximum or minimal value to have the “optimized” result. Yes you can think creatively or change creatives to alter user experience to get a desired result, but without the math, you are just doing a creative process. When I hear we “optimized our clients website” or we “optimized our clients search engine rankings” – I find the majority of the time no real optimization occurred as zero math was used. Marketing seems to be more of the blind leading the blind by providing¬† guessing as a service of what will cause positive or negative ROI outcomes in your sales funnel.

What Optimization Should Look Like

There should be some math and some clear before and after change.¬† An expert will use a statistical model or some sort of testing before actually performing the work. Why? Because they shouldn’t guess at the outcome. They should be able to forecast or even predict the result prior to doing the work. That is what occurs when you test your ideas. If I make a change to X by altering these variables Y, Z = Will I achieve the desired result.

This snap shot below shows a clear before after result. Optimization requires have numbers to back up the cause and effect of the optimization. If we are optimizing the Cost Per Conversion, as we did in this clients AdWords Campaigns, then you need to clearly be able to demonstrate how altering the campaign settings will lead to a reduce Cost Per Conversion.

Google AdWords Campaigns Cost Per Conversion Optimization Example:


If you want to know how we reduced the AdWords Cost Per Conversion by 63% for this doctors office shown above, call to speak with one of our Google AdWords Experts.

About the Author
Alex Fender is a Google Certified Analytics Consultant and is an expert in internet marketing. If you have questions or would like to contact him, he can be reached at (972) 867-3100.