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Do you have appointments to fill and need more new families calling in to schedule? We have proven dental marketing funnels that we can drag and drop and immediately start increasing new patients. When we mean proven, we mean they have been tested, cross tested, and validated on hundreds of other practices to be proven to generate revenue growth from new prospective families in your local community.

Dominate your area with a transparent, effective, creative & smart marketing plan that is based on science. Join what other high growth dentists are doing to grow your practice fast.

4 Best Marketing Strategies for Dental Practices

  1. Word of Mouth and Online Reviews
  2. Facebook/Instagram Funnels
  3. Google Funnels
  4. YouTube Funnels

The Journey from Online to Office Visit

Most people say selecting a dentist is one of the most stressful things to do regarding healthcare decisions.  Women, moms and wives are the primary decision makers, and are concerned about safety, trust, care, education and most importantly, a positive pain-free experience. Dentists and practice managers need to know how marketing at key points in the journey and providing a meaningful experience, can bring awareness, fast scheduling, and a great in-office experience.


Types of patient marketing funnels

  1. Pediatric

  2. New Families

  3. General dentistry

  4. Cleaning/whitening

  5. Oral Surgery

  6. Sedation Dentistry
  7. Braces, Cosmetic, Veneers,

  8. Dentures, Implants



Location targeting set to a specific radius around your practice and/or targeted zip codes

Targeting can be further refined by demographics such as income level, gender, age, parental status, and people who are actively searching to find a new dentist. We also offer targeting exclusivity for your area and zip codes.


Dental Marketing | Proven Results & New Patients

‎Find New Patients looking for the very dental services that you offer. Our proven methods can increase new patient appointments drastically. Get a free consultation on a unique marketing approach using marketing science.