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How To Get More Dental Patients

Best Marketing for Dentists and Orthodontists

Do you have appointments to fill and need more new families calling in to schedule? We have proven dental marketing funnels that we can drag and drop and immediately start increasing new patients. When we mean proven, we mean they have been tested, cross tested, and validated on hundreds of other practices to be proven to generate revenue growth from new prospective families in your local community.

We help you create a smart marketing plan that is based on science and proven to grow dental practices. We can help you grow your practice fast and immediately start increasing appointments.

Complete digital marketingfor Dental Practices

6 Best Marketing Strategies for Dental Practices

Building patient funnels is incredibly important for every growing clinic. The more funnels you have, the more you will grow.

  1. Online Reviews Word of Mouth and 
  2. Facebook/Instagram Social Funnels
  3. Google Maps Funnels
  4. Video Funnels
  5. Search Engine Funnels
  6. Email/Txt Drip Marketing Funnels

3 Best Digital Ad Strategies for More Dental Patients

Facebook & Instagram Ad Funnels

Google Maps/ PPC Ads

YouTube Video Ad

The Journey from Online to Office Visit

Most people say selecting a dentist is one of the most stressful things to do regarding healthcare decisions.  Women, moms and wives are the primary decision makers, and are concerned about safety, trust, care, education and most importantly, a positive pain-free experience. Dentists and practice managers need to know how marketing at key points in the journey and providing a meaningful experience, can bring awareness, fast scheduling, and a great in-office experience.

Advancements in digital advertising have drastically changed how people look for essential healthcare services. Many studies have shown 97 percent of U.S. households use the internet when searching for dental providers.

As a dental practitioner, you shouldn’t overlook this statistic and rather start to appeal to your online audience.

Most dentists struggle with marketing and generating enough patients.  There are more than 200,000 registered dentists in the US and many practices struggle to generate the right quality of new patients.

Dentists fail due to these common factors:

  • Poor customer service and bad online reviews
  • Low patient retention
  • Lack of marketing and advertising
  • Inability to adapt to the latest market trends and technologies
  • Improper delegation of clinical duties and appointment scheduling

Types of patient marketing funnels

  1. Pediatric
  2. General dentistry
  3. Cleaning/whitening
  4. Oral Surgery
  5. Sedation Dentistry
  6. Braces, Cosmetic, Veneers,
  7. Dentures, Implants
  8. Invisalign®

Dental Marketing | Proven Results & New Patients

Find New Patients looking for the very dental services that you offer. Our proven methods can increase new patient appointments drastically. Get a free consultation on a unique marketing approach using marketing science.

How Funnel Science Dental Digital Marketing Helps You

Funnel Science has one of the best marketing teams in healthcare. Our digital marketing agency capabilities can help you immediatley increase appointments.

Our dental marketing campaigns are designed to optimize your overall online presence and target the types of patients cases you want to see more of. Here’s how our dental marketing services can help you:

  • Promote your practices on various digital platforms
  • Improve your patient lead generation strategies and boost appointment rates
  • Optimize your marketing campaigns to provide better patient results
  • Update to the latest digital advancements
  • Setup predictive analytics to improve your scheduling and patient quality
  • Support your customer service through real-time interactions

Understanding How the Marketing Science Works

  1. Drag and Drop Dental Marketing Funnels

    We have dental marketing funnels that have been tested for over hundreds of practices that we know for certain will immediately increase appointments. We have proven the marketing funnels to work and it typically takes 5 to 7 days to setup.
  2. Audience Segmentation and Testing
    A/b split testing, audience segmentation and predictive analytics are the core of what we do. The marketing science is based on testing audiences, ads, keywords, pages, flows, and the patient journey from click to appointment.
  3. Patient Journey Analytics

    Track patients at every step of the way in your funnel. Improve patient quality, increase revenue, and reduce cancellations and no shows.

    If you are not sure how your marketing is performing, unaware of your ROI, and simply too busy to take any of this on yourself, it is a great time to schedule a consultation. We look forward to helping you get more patients through digital marketing! Call us at (972) 867-3100.

Location Maps Funnels

Set targeting only for specific mile radius around your practice or targeted zip codes.

Proven Digital Marketing Strategies

Want to Show up on Top of Google Search & Google Maps? We’re here to help.​

Dental Landing Pages

Send Parents to specific landing pages that align with your campaign and ad verbiage

Do you need help with dental marketing and looking for information to get more patients?

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