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How do I get Google certified?

A question that we hear all the time is "how do I get into the digital marketing field?"

A very common question that we hear often from students and people looking to make a career change has to do with what training and requirements to get into our field. Digital marketing and IT are very related and often have to do with Google certifications, programming, analytics and website development. 

Recently our founder Alex Fender was asked by a military veteran what they needed to do to get into the field. Here is what he suggested:

“I’m wanting to start over by moving over to the IT world, all suggestions appreciated”

I’m the founder of Funnel Science and we build software, create apps, and do dev projects all the time. We specialize in digital marketing and build websites, ecommerce sites, and our own products. I’m in Plano and I can answer your questions and help. I’m not a security pro so you will need to speak with others about that field.

As far as becoming a programmer, its like speaking another language. Or many languages and isn’t easy. You really need to start at and complete 5 to 10 courses before you start a college program to make sure this is right for you. is another free online source to start the journey.

You can also learn and get Google certificates in digital marketing

1 of the best ways to learn

In my experience, one of the best ways to learn is to get paid to learn. This often means that you take a job and do “OJT” or on the job training. This is most often done through apprenticeships or internships. It requires that you typically take a step back in life and work for a company with little to no experience so they are not going to pay top dollar. They will give you a paid position and train you on the job and after 6 to 12 months you have built up new skills. This is extremely common for college students who are studying the field and trying to gain experience. Some places offer unpaid internships where other companies will pay you a lower rate. 

Finding an apprenticeship or internship is not easy and requires networking. The way to start networking in the field is to go the local trade groups or associations and start attending their meetings. Make friends, buy people lunch or join them at happy hours. You can also reach out to their website and send them direct messages of your goals and intent. 

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