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To grow, your business needs 4 – 7 lead sources feeding your sales team.


For service based businesses, producing enough leads to fill your pipeline can be a challenge.  The internet has the potential to produce those leads.

Through a process of scientifically testing your brand, marketing, and website, Funnel Science is able to determine and predict the path that gets more people to respond.

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 How the process of internet lead generation works

Before a website visitor will give you there contact information and convert into a lead, they must proceed in this order through 5 trackable actions. These are the conversion metrics:

1) Click-thru-rate (CTR) – The click through rate is typically influenced marketing messages that peak your customers interest. This is step 1 in the lead generation process. You must have quality traffic to your website that is from qualified prospects within the buying cycle.

2) Bounce Rate – This is how quickly your visitor hits your website and then leaves your website.  The quickest way to improve leads is to focus on the visitors that are leaving your site without responding.  The average lead generation website has between a 75 – 90% bounce rate. That means 75-90% of your website visitors leave the website after looking at only 1 of your webpages.

It is pointless to try and generate traffic to a site that fails to engage them beyond this second step unless the bounce rate is lower than 40%.

3) Time on Page/Site – These 2 metrics determine how long your visitor stays on and engage your website.  If your customers are not engaged through each of the 7 steps of the sales cycle, they will abandon your website and most likely never return.

4) Steps into Website Sales Funnel – These are the steps that immediately preceed when a customer will either call you or submit their information.  The steps in the funnel are the specific actions before your visitors will do one of the following: submit a lead form request/signup, or pickup the phone and call your business.

5) Completed Calls To Action (CTA) –  These are the actions of completed goals.  Measuring the abandonment rate is a critical step to increase internet leads.

Your visitors must progress through the above 5 conversion steps before a sale can happen.


Generating Leads

B2B – Business to Business Lead Generation

B2B Business to Business Internet Lead Generation

When you are marketing to businesses and professionals, you must address different criteria specific to their individual needs.

Your Marketing & Website must at least identify:


 B2C – Business to Consumer Lead Generation

B2C Business to Consumer Lead Generation Funnel Science Lead Generation Service

Marketing to consumers is a whole other ball game. You must cater to the consumers psyche’s and motivators as it relates to their unique situation.

If you don’t, then you will have very generic marketing with poor results.

To make your marketing more effective, you must produce the most relevant marketing information specific to the visitors unique situation. This means segmenting your website traffic into the path that will most likely enfluence them to respond.

To produce more leads, you need to create better marketing material that answers the problems and desires of your customers. This process will define the needs and motives that caused your customers to act. Profiling your customers into groupings based on behaviors, demographics, psychographics and then catering to the specific marketing messages that motivates customer purchasing actions.

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