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What is a good ecommerce conversion rate

Ecommerce Testing as a Profit Center

Conversion rate on checkout is extremely important to the health of an ecommerce store. When your site averages at 10%, you know you are doing well.

Many marketing people believe that ecommerce conversion rate should be around 1 to 3% as an average. At Funnel Science, we believe in testing as a profit center. So a 1, 2 or 3% checkout conversion rate is just not good enough.

But what is a good conversion rate? When you reach 5%, that means 1 in every 20 people is making a purchase. When you get to 10% 1 in every 10.

We see ecommerce conversion rates in the 20 to 40% range with our top clients. So if you are stuck under 5%, you need to be testing more! Especially on your shopping cart. The most impactful testing your team can do is to reduce the shopping cart abandonment.