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If you are familiar with Facebook you know that Facebook removed Tabs some time ago.  There is a new method of creating tabs call “I Frames” that allow for additional Facebook functionality.  With a Storefront ap, you can turn your Facebook page into a E Commerce site that gives your visitors the ability to purchase directly through your Facebook page.

This tool allows businesses to showcase their products, make direct sales, and you can continue to solicit the coveted “Likes” from those on your Facebook Store. More important that “Likes” is Sales from this tool!

To begin, you need to get the Storefront Social Ap from Facebook.  This ap costs $9.95 a month and is probably the most affordable E-Commerce solution for businesses with small marketing budgets.

If  you need help setting up your Facebook Store,  Call 877-301-0001.  If you would like Funnel Science to create your Facebook Store for your business, Professional Installation will cost $150.  If you would like more information about how to make more sales on your ECommerce site or your Facebook Store – Click Here

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