Landing Page Optimization - Funnel Science

Measuring Revenue, ROI, AOV by Landing Page

Real revenue optimization requires knowing the true output of sales to the micro-level of your business. You need detailed reporting on revenue, return on investment,  and average order value by landing page.

Knowing KPI’s like Bounce Rate and Exit Rate are important, but are not the full picture.

That type of top-of-the-funnel KPI analytics does keep you focused on your Revenue Funnel Science.

Revenue optimization requires measuring the end-to-end customer journey, tracking all costs along the way, then reporting revenue, lifetime revenue, and closing the loop back to your advertising and marketing costs.

This allows your company to know the true impact your website landing pages have, down to individual page details.


Optimizing Your Landing Pages via simple A/B Testing

The data you pull about each landing page is critical. It can reveal your top performing pages OR indicate where you may have some function or design flaws.

The smartest way to identify what funnels produce and those to pause is through investigatory A/B testing.

It looks like this….

The proof will be in your traffic reports and conversion rates. After you analyze the A/B test results, you’ll be well on your way to choosing a top performing page for your leads to not only land, but to CONVERT.