Google Certified Keynote Speaker in Plano TX January 24, 2012 - Funnel Science

Google Certified Keynote Speaker in Plano TX January 24, 2012

Dallas, Texas / Google Certified Keynote Speaker to deliver presentation in Dallas on January 24, 2012

In a talk before the Plano West Rotary Club on January 24th, Alex Fender, President of Dallas-based Funnel Science, will share the secrets of internet marketing. “Before you can get your website found on Google and other search engines, you must understand how the algorithm works. Before customers will buy from your website, you must construct it in a way that caters information to their needs.  The process begins with customer profiling.”

Alex Fender – Google Certified Keynote Speaker, is one of less than 3,700 Americans who are Google Certified in Adwords – Search Advertising , and he is one of less than 1,700 Americans who also are certified in Google Analytics.

In his talk, Mr. Fender will bring a dose of reality about the role of social media for businesses. “Business owners are hounded by sales calls from SEO companies and constantly and told they must be using social media to promote their business,” he says. “Our experience in working with businesses is that the vast majority of them have never generated a single sale from SEO or social media.”

Mr. Fender will also discuss marketing to keywords to generate large amounts of traffic to a company’s website, and how an unproven keyword is a costly mistake that majority of websites make.

“Most websites are setup to be broad and market to as many relevant keywords as possible, while other websites do a very poor job determining keywords that lead to buying behaviors and have no idea on which keywords will lead to the greatest number of sales,” Mr. Fender says.

At this meeting, business owners will be given the opportunity to ask an internet marketing expert how to generate more internet leads and sales, reduce online waste and how to improve their online sales.

Today is the last day to make reservations as a guest; call 877-301-0001 for more details.

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