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Proven methods that work to increase new patients for your practice

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4 Ways to Get New Patients Quickly

1) Google Ads

2) Youtube Video Ads

3) Maps Ads

4) Facebook ads using Ad Manage and custom audience target

These 4 methods typically start working the same day or the next day when done correctly. If you turn on digital ads and they don’t work, it always means there is a problem with the setup. When setup correctly, its almost like buying patients. You can set a daily or monthly budget and bring in as many as you want. 

Most common reasons for bad results is the wrong audience, wrong targeting, and or really bad patient experience between the ad to the landing page. 

10 Extremely Important Best Practices for Healthcare Marketing, Patient Acquisition and Rentention

1) Tracking from click to revenue. This means having tracking in place that measures how much you are spending and how much you are making directly linked to your marketing campaigns

2) Call tracking, CRM, and capturing all of your contacts in 1 database.  

3) Tracking employee follow-up, call recording, response time, and the number of attempts to follow-up and schedule appointments

4) Quality control system that measures marketing, scheduling activity, and new revenue to the practice

Best Practices Part 2

5) A testing strategy. Building a process and approach called Testing as a Profit Center. Or at least do A/B testing. Never assume that you have good Ads, Pages, Emails until you have proven with certainty they work. Most practices create ads that have less than a 1% conversion rate. So it take 100 clicks to get 1 response but that doesn’t mean 1 patient. The best practices create ads that get 10 to 20% conversion rate and greater than 80% of the leads are qualified. 

6) A follow-up process that works. You need to answer your phone within 30 seconds. The front desk is the driver of the business and if you put the wrong butt in this seat your practice will suffer. Too often medical practices fail to get enough patients because they have the wrong person in the driver seat. You need to have someone well trained, that loves helping patients, loves to talk, and sounds like a patient advocate. They should also have the voice of Doctor Mom. The number one way to kill effective marketing is to put the wrong person on the phone to schedule appointments and follow-up with your patients.

7) Daily reporting that allows you to reconcile your new leads to appointments scheduled. Checklist are great for this and should be executed first thing in the morning. During or after lunch. And at the end of each and every day. You should have a daily report that shows all new contacts, how many were scheduled, and how many are in the follow-up process for scheduling. 

8) Never send your new patients an email with a bunch of forms to fill out before they come in!  This is the number 1 turn off that will cause your patients to go to another provider. DONT DO IT!

The best way is to have the patient coordinator fill out the forms for them, and start building trust and credibility with your staff. Like they actually care and want you to come in. Making your patients fill out form after form after form is really a bad idea and sets a really bad impression on how they will be treated. If you send a bunch of forms and tell them to fill it out before they come in, you will have a very high no show and cancellation rate. 

The Best of The Best Practices Do This

9) Get patients reviews in a systematic way. Either before they leave, or a follow-up system that sends them a text message or email. Texting has a 95% open rate where email is less than 10%…so asking for a review via text is by far the better method. Before asking for a review though, you should first survey them and make sure they are happy. Never ask for reviews from unhappy patients. You really need to know who is unhappy, find out why and what could have been done better. A simple follow-up of their care shows that you care and want them back.

10) Take your patient list, positive reviews, and build targeted custom audiences. This is a specific strategy to be used in marketing that helps you expand and grow the practice. It can be done with Look-a-like audiences, friends of friends, or setup to target patients of competing practices in your area.