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Conversion optimization is the process of testing your marketing and website to achieve more sales.

Most website launch with very poor conversion metrics. Once conversions optimization begins, those negatice  statistics decrease over time to a point of reaching the baseline of 0.  Then you move into increasing positive actions that increase customer purchasing actions by building more effective marketing and a better online experience.

Testing for and defining positive variables increases user actions such as increased time on the page/site, increasing the average number of page views, increases user interaction within the website sales funnel, and increases goals (Calls to action – CTA).

The Science

Funnel Science developed the RLC Model to scientifically approach conversion optimization on websites. The Reflective Learning & Converting Model is a continuous testing method to analyze your website and quickly implement positive results and remove negative variables.

This testing process is repeated as often as website traffic permits. For a test to be successful, we must achieve a confidence rating of at least 75%.

This 1 test below increased our clients conversion rate by 7.3%.

Funnel Science Conversion Optimization multivariate test results
Control Page
Testing websites for conversions by Funnel Science Internet Marketing
Test Variation 1

How We Improve User Actions
& Response Rates




Funnel Science has defined 108 testable variables on your website

Some of the most important variables:

What your Conversion Goal Funnel should look like

Internet Mareting Guaranteed Results Funnel Science Goal Funnel

Conversion Rate Optimization Services

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