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10 Rules to help increase Social Media Results

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Social media is not the best place for most businesses to spend time and energy advertising.  There is a whole lot of traffic hanging out in social media channels, however don’t expect many sales.

For certain industries, Social Media is not where your customer hangs out- so neither should your advertising dollars.

For others, like bars, or businesses that promote events, here are 10 rules that will help you increase social media sales.

Rule 1
Don’t duplicate your home page and website content in social media pages: If we can get the same information elsewhere, what is the point.

Rule 2.  Create a dialogue by listening first, then responding.
I think everyone at this point is very annoyed with those that are blasting worthless content all over the net.  In fact, it rarely generates any readers and therefore no ROI.

Rule 3. No Trust – No Sale.  If your audience does not trust your social media pages, they will not buy from you.  Building trust by being open, honest and transparent is key.

The most obvious abuse is fake replies and testimonials.  Don’t Do It

Rule 4
. You , Your Brands and Your Products need a Face: It’s called branding and it really works.  Funnel Science increased lead sign ups by more than 50% by creating brand images for an ECheck payment processing service.

Rule 5. Increase the value: You will get more sales.

Rule 6. Relevant info to topic and customer profile: If your target customer is a female shopper that values their appearance, deliver relevant information to that specific customer. Generic information to the masses does not work well. More Info Here

Rule 7. Talk to me, not at me: Do not use words like “I” /  “We” / “Us” in your copy.  No one cares, they only care about “You” / “Yours” / or their unique situation

  • a mother – “your family”
  • a business owner – “your business”
  • etc…

Rule 8. Give your customers the info they are searching for: If you are buying something, no one likes to feel like they don’t have all of the information.  Hiding the price, reviews, or specific information will cause your customers to leave your pages without taking action. Hiding important buying information will not cause more phone calls to inquire, it will cause less.

Rule 9. Make it very easy for your customers to find you: brands that seek consumers too fervently will be seen as intrusive and interruptive.

Rule 10. Let consumers talk about you: it is far better to be talked about than not talked about at all.  In Hollywood, all publicity is good publicity – even if it is bad.


These rules are also good rules to follow when trying to increase website conversions.  Conversions are the goals of the site/page.  Like lead form sign-ups, newsletter requests, e-commerce sales.  The goal should not be to get more traffic to your website; it should be how to get more conversions from your website.


About the Author

Marcus Bradley has been testing websites to determine which website variables cause positive and negative user responses since 2001.  He has worked on several hundred websites testing the actions of online shoppers and how they respond when you change colors, design, layout, keywords; the list goes on and on.

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