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Dallas Internet Marketing Company

Dallas Internet Marketing Company reveals strategy to increase website conversions:

Writing Website Copy for Conversions -the Blue Print & Guidelines

When you are writing copy for the internet or for your webpage’s, many SEO firms tell their clients to write to a specific number of words, typically around 750 words per page.  Then they will tell you the page must have a keyword density of X so they stuff the necessary amount of keywords into the page.

This is very a very POOR SEO Technique as it does not generate leads or sales

Search Engine Optimization: Example of Keyword Stuffing

Look at the example to the right of a Dallas Internet Marketing company who uses keyword stuffing as a way to market themselves.  Does this even look worthy of a second glimpse?

Dallas Internet Marketing Company guilty of Keyword Stuffing
Conversion Optimization Worse Practice - Example of Keyword Stuffing

Here are 5 simple guidelines to follow when drafting content as part of an internet marketing campaign:

  1. Is the article stuffed with keywordsLoading up the body of your article with a bunch of keywords or other obvious self-serving, poorly written copy is an immediate turnoff to readers.This SEO Strategy is quite common but does not advance the conversion process or increase internet sales.Building search rankings on “Worst Practice” seo strategy such as keyword stuffing will prove to be a giant waste of time in the end.

    This practice does not generate a return on investment and is a common reason why SEO doesn’t work.

  2. Is the article loaded down with sales pitch and other fluff?Sales copy is a complete turnoff to the majority of internet readers.  They are bombarded by it costantly.  In fact, users become immune to the links, ads, banners, and other advertising distractions.Writing a bunch of fluff is another quick way to tell your customers that you are not credible because you do not present the facts.  Buyers buy because of the benefit they will receive from an item.  Your website will make far more sales by writing copy that provides useful information that customers wont to read and that can help them with a deceision.
  3. Is the article within 400-750 words?Don’t write something to a specific word count.  This is a very poor writing technique as it often leaves out vital pieces of information.  Can you really capture the thought and provide other useful information within such a small word count?Take your time and write copy that is worthy of becoming published.  Write the content where the readers can use the information and do something with it.  How many times have your spent time wasted on reading a generic article online?  We all hate poor content and you should ban it from your website.
  4. Is the article easy to read and scan?  Did you incorporate bullet points? Your article should be written in such a way that people can scan the page for quick information and also be able to read it in detail.  This technique uses headline statements and bold content to make important information stand out.Bullet Points are easy for people to read quickly and helps articles convert the traffic into sales.

  5. Is the article original content?If not, you will wast your time and not get credit. Your webpage probably will not show up in search rankings and it will be all for nothing.  Google Webmaster Guidelines has additional information on quality that you should make sure your webmaster is following.

Another Best Practice

One technique for developing website copy that can convert the traffic into sales is persuasive writing.  This style presents a compelling reason for your readers to take action. Typically persuasive copy is harder to write because if focuses on unique and very specific information.

This is what is considered a long tail approach, marketing to the very specific motive that lead the user search the internet for information.

Funnel Science has tested the long tail approach and has found it to lead to higher webpage conversion rates.  Test results for long tail vs. short tail has shown an increase in page conversions by triple digit percentages.

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