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Effective Internet Marketing: How to Increase Online Sales

What is the most Effective Internet Marketing

To attract more buyers via the internet, you must first know what is going to attract them to your site.  All buyers log on to their computer for 1 of 2 reasons, either they are looking for specific information about a product they want or they dont know what they want and are trying to find a solution to their need.

So before you have even begun a marketing campaign, your customers are already segmented into categories of informed or not educated.  This is true each and every time anyone enters into the buying cycle.

The further you are able to segment your buyer, the more specific you are able to market to them.  The most effective method of marketing is marketing to consumer driven behavior.  This provides the user with the exact information they are seeking and that is most relevant to their situation.

If your customer is a manager of an organization, they will have different needs than the owner of the same organization.  Business owners are typically more concerned about the bottom line; managers however don’t benefit from profits so providing information about increasing profits may not be the most relevant information to their search behavior.  Providing information to the manager about a more efficient way of doing something would normally get betters results.

Not all methods of internet marketing produce the same results.  Tweeting on twitter is becoming popular, however in the lastest poll, only 7% of US users are on twitter.  Roughly 50% of users in the US are on Facebook.  But do your visitors login to Facebook to find your products and services?  That depends on who you are and what you do.

To determine what is will be the most effective way to spend your marketing dollars on the internet, lets go back to the question “What is going to attract them to your website?”

Internet Marketing Methods and how they work:

  • Natural/ Organic Search – This is how most people find information about a product.  They go to a search engine such as google, and type a search query specific to what they are looking for.  Natural Search results produce 85% of all click thrus’ to websites.
  • Paid Search or Pay Per Click – These are the paid advertisements typically on the top and right hand side of pages.  You will also see paid ads on other websites.
  • Social Media – Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Myspace
  • Craigslist – Largest online classified site.

(If you are trying to determine which method is going to be the most effective for your business, Call Funnel Science and we will be able to answer your questions based on your industry –  Call 877-301-0001)

How to build the Most Effective Internet Marketing Campaign

Now that you have determined who your customer is and what is going to attract them to your website, you now must focus on the conversion goal.  What is the Unique Value Proposition of your product?  What are the benefits?  Is it cost savings, a more efficient process; what are the real benefits the user will gain by buying from you?  This needs to be coupled to the unique behavior that generated the search.

Then build the page centered around the user and what they are looking for.  Chances are the first page you build will not generate many sales. Therefore you must test the page to optimize conversions.  This process tests website variables such as colors, content, design, and layout to determine how to get more of your visitors to buy.  To learn more about Conversion Optimization, Click Here

If you would like to speak with an Internet Marketing Expert about conversion testing for your website, call 877-301-0001.


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