Internet Marketing Expert to speak in Murphy TX Oct 11

Funnel Science to speak in Murphy Texas

Internet marketing expert Alex Fender will be speaking at the Murphy Exchange Club on Oct 11, 2011.

The Exchange Club of Murphy  Tx

In “Converting Website Cruisers into Paying Customers,” your members will learn:
•   The five essential elements their website must have
•   How people transform from visitors to buyers
•   The subtle psychology of website copy
•   Why a lot of website traffic does not mean a lot of sales
•   Simple changes they can make to their own websites right now that will increase their conversion rate

Most website owners start out marketing their website attempting to increase website traffic. The average website has 75% bounce rate or higher meaning that 75% of your visitors will only look at 1 page before they leave your website.

Many businesses who use Search Engine Optimization realize after spending thousands of dollars that their SEO is not working and they are not getting more sales.

To help teach and explain internet marketing and how to increase website sales, Funnel Science lectures at business groups to explain how to create effective internet marketing campaigns with guaranteed results.  The technology available today can track your marketing to determine if it works or not.  The data is collected in real time so businesses can cut losses in the event the marketing is not working.

“Too many business owners waste time with various forms of online marketing that do not generate sales” says Fender.  Social media is one of those that helps some businesses, but most never see any return on investment through promotion on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  The simple reason is your customers are not using social media to find or research your business.

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