Phone Call Tracking Links Leads to Calls

Lead Optimization: Why Phone Call Tracking Links Leads to Calls

By Neil Farquharson

Wouldn’t it be great if every time your business received an inbound prospect call, your inside sales staff would already know the prospective customer’s identity reference and what web pages she’d just been looking at? Of all the products or services on your website, wouldn’t it be great to know which one had caused the prospect to pick up the phone and make that call? With phone call tracking, this is not only possible, but also recommended by Funnel Science.

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Think about a traditional, untracked inbound call. There is a series of standard questions good staff are going to need to ask, starting with what products or services the customer is interested in – in fact, is the caller a customer at all? The great beauty of phone call tracking is that before your staff even answers the phone, they have a record on their screen of the web pages the prospect looked at before making the call and – most importantly – the last webpage they looked at before making the call or filling in a contact form.

Why do I mention the contact form? If you have a simple form that the prospect will fill in – remember to keep it short – you can get the person’s name and spelling, so there is no embarrassing time when you need to frustrate the customer by getting them to spell out an unfamiliar name. Indeed, you may find, via A/B testing that customers like to be greeted by their name: “Hello Ms. Anderson, this is Susan at XYZ Company. May I help you pick out a…….”

So what are you doing when you implement phone call tracking? You’re using a tool to track online conversion to an offline action. Hence you are measuring the effectiveness of your online presence in motivating prospects to pick up the phone to make a purchase. And by analyzing the results you can determine which SEM strategies work and which ones don’t; or to be more precise, what strategies work best to maximize your ROAS and margins. You want to know not only how many clicks you get on your website, but also how many of these clicks lead to inbound sales calls.

Informed Optimizations

Hence your phone call tracking synchronizes with your analytics so that you can make informed optimizations of your SEM spend. Instead of relying on gut-feel, or just on the numbers of clicks to your site, measuring the effectiveness of your marketing dollars empowers you to make changes that bring real results that can be quantified

How many phone numbers do you need to make this work? We at Funnel Science will do an analysis of your inbound sales calls to see how many come in every hour during a 24 hour period, and make a recommendation. Once the system is up and running we will then optimize how many numbers are needed to maximize your ROI and margins.

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There is another advantage to having phone call tracking: it is the recording of the calls for later analysis. You can track what greeting, what wording, what structure of conversation most often leads to a sale; and how many items or how much revenue is sold. Let’s face it, when a prospect calls, they’ve pretty much decided to make a purchase, therefore the sale is yours to lose. By being forearmed with the information supplied by phone tracking, your sales staff can guide each prospect to yes faster. Even better, with a shorter phone call, each sales person is available sooner to take the next sales call, further improving your margins.

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