The Best Internet Marketing Strategies

The Best Internet Marketing Strategies

Use a Proven Marketing Plan

Like all marketing plans, creating your online marketing plan requires you to plan out a strategy.  The question is where should you start and how best can you maximize your ROI with your budgeted resources.  This article will spell out some do’s and don’ts and tell you specific strategies that have been tested and proved to increase website sales.

First, dont SEO, Social Media, Email Market or anything else until your website is proven to convert.  Even more so, you need to build very specific landing pages that are specific to only one product or service.  The landing page should be centered around 1-3 keywords only.  The more keywords you add beyond 3, the less relevant the additional words become and the results diminish quickly.

Conversion Must Be the Most Important Aspect of your Website
If you think you need more traffic to your website before you have optimized the conversion process, your marketing plan is going to fail.  What happens when the traffic gets to your site and they fail to convert?  That is exactly what happens to websites that start with SEO or some other form of marketing users to a website.  The budget is wasted on clicks that never produce sales.

Should You Social Media

Yes you need to implement social media but it should only be done to complement the overall E-Marketing Plan.  Social media works real well for some businesses and fails for most.  Here is why:

Place your attention to what will produce the greatest number of results first. 85% of clicks come from the natural search results from search engines like google.  Roughly 15% of clicks go to PPC ads; those small little ads you see all over webpages.  In the U.S., less than 2% of the poplutation is on Tweeter.  The low hanging fruit is not on Twitter, it is in the natural search results.

Is your audience on Facebook?
Consider this question:  Would you login on to Facebook to search out for your products?  Would your customers log on to facebook to try and find companies that do the same thing you do?

Quit Wasting Your Companies Time on Facebook.  Facebook and other social media outlets are only good for certain types of businesses.  Events, promotions, bars, restaurants should definitely spend time advertising on Facebook.  But if your target is business owners, you will not find business owners searching for you through Facebook, they do it through Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines.

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