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Vacancies in Your Rental Properties?

If you are a property manager and are having trouble marketing your rental properties, these 5 tips will help you get closer to your ideal occupancy rate. For even more effective ways of landing the perfect tenants, shoot us a message. We offer complimentary consultations to new potential clients!

1)  Perform a Digital Reputation Analysis

Have you ever searched your property online? Unfortunately, it is human nature to highlight the negatives in life, and this goes for renter’s experiences as well. If you have a jaded or peeved current or past resident that has put out a PSA regarding your property, it is critical to address those complaints effectively. It might be your knee-jerk reaction to hide them or delete them, but most people will see through a perfect reputation and assume just that- you’re hiding something. So, put it out in the open. Engage in an open dialogue with the complaint, apologizing for the occurrence, and offer your method of resolution. Problems arise, but how you deal with them is all that matters to existing and future tenants.

2) Ask for Positive Reviews

Even though we love to complain, we can also be very forthcoming about the positives in our lives, especially when asked! So, ask your happiest residents to go online and leave you several glowing reviews. You aren’t asking them to lie, you’re just requesting that they take those highlights of their experience living at one of your properties and share that with the online community. The goal is to grow the positive reviews enough that they counteract the negatives.

3) Define Your Audience

Once your online reputation is stable, hopefully even glowing, now you can really dig deep into targeting the right folks, alluring them to tour your properties and eventually, into signing that lease. If you cattle call, and just shotgun marketing all over the place, you are absolutely going to throw money in the trash. Not everyone is meant for your message, so establishing WHO your people are is the first step in perfecting your strategy. If you are unaware of who your specific audience is, data mining is available in many forms to unveil who they are (we can help with that, too!).

4) Micro-Target your Efforts on the Correct Platforms

Now that you know exactly who you are speaking to, it’s time to fine-tune all of your efforts to appeal to them, and only them, where they’re at. If your target market is over 65 years old and loves to read on the weekends, it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to advertise on Snapchat or post fliers in nightclubs. You have to not only know WHO your people are but also, WHERE they are. The good news is- nearly everyone is searching on Google, and that’s a fine place to start your marketing.

5) Utilize PPC Campaigns

Considering that over 4 million advertisers are on Google Ads, it’s important to also know that this type of marketing converts 50% better than organic traffic. Why? Because when you appeal to the population that is already searching for properties like yours, you are basically halfway done with making the sale! You know who your people are, where they live digitally, what type of language they speak, and now, you are targeting them when they are actively looking for someone just like you. Don’t be among the 44% of local businesses that are NOT advertising with PPC, you will be missing out on perfect leads, day after day after day.

If you are looking to max out your occupancies at your rental properties, we are here to help you do just that utilizing our proven campaign templates to drive on-site tours to you. Let’s get you at a maximum capacity together!


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