Web Designers are not Internet Marketing Experts

Webmasters and Your IT Professionals are not Internet Marketing Experts

Why Web Designers Cant Increase Website Conversions

Yesterday, a Life Coach contacted Funnel Science in the middle phase of her new website project that was being created by a local web designer that she knew through her networking group.  She contacted us because she was fearful that her newly designed website was being built and did not incorporate any Best Practices to Conversion.

Conversion being the intended action she wanted such as more phone calls and completed website lead forms.

She Was Right – her website was not built on increasing conversions.

So why did her webmaster not tell her how and what to do to create the new website that was focused on increasing her websites conversions?  Simple, the webmaster knew only how to create and design websites and she had very little actual marketing experience.  In fact her own business is struggling and she has a very difficult time bringing in visitors and then converting them into leads and sales for her “Digital Marketing Agency.”

In fact, this web designer was really more of a graphic artist, and had was quite a talented at creating frogs.  Throughout her website she had beautiful graphic artwork displaying her love of frogs in poses replicating Da Vinci Monalisa to that of a kermit the frog look a like.

The Self proclaimed “Digital marketing company” and amphibian artist did not 1 time throughout the entire website tell how she marketed for her clients.  She did not have 1 single testimonial on how her marketing agency increase website conversions for her clients.  She did not have 1 case study, she did not develop persuasive copy writing, she did not use calls to actions, but she did have a great portfolio of other websites she had designed and of course , her frog work.  In reality her company wasnt a marketing agency, it was really just another webdesign company.

Great Marketers Know Behaviors, Not Frog Art

To build a website focused on increasing conversions, you must first understand the behavior of the visitors on your website.  Behavior is the heart of what conversion optimization is and is the focus for each of the 4 fundamentals to a conversion optimization plan.  The fundamentals of conversion are Design & layout, Colors & Images, Content, and Functionality of the website.

Step 1) Design and Layout is absolutely essential to a high conversion website.  This is because of the human element of Eye Progression.  That is the movement of the human eye as it interacts with each webpage.  The goal is direct the eye to the specific actions you want them to take such as completing your lead form or checking out of the shopping cart.

Just like you can direct eye movement, you can also strain the eye and cause your visitors to leave the page.  This is most often done by poor color choices.  Looking at stripes online can be difficult,  Reading red fonts can be painful, but the quickest way to get someone to leave your website is to use dark background colors and lighter colored fonts.

Content, Functionality and Images all equally play a crucial role in whether or not your website visitors are leaving your page or turning to a conversion.

If you are looking to build a website that creates more sales than it does clicks, you must focus on the conversion processes within your site.  To begin, you must first have an analytics program running on your website to track visitors and their actions.  Only from interpreting the analytic data can you begin to understand the behaviors of your websites visitors.

The next step in the Conversion Process is to begin breaking down each element of your website and applying the principals of conversion.  Then you must test the concepts via either A/B Testing or Multivariate testing.  Only through testing can you actually begin increasing your websites conversions.

Funnel Science deems testing so crucial to the success of ANY and EVERY Internet Marketing Campaign, that you should not even begin marketing until you have first tested your websites and ensure they have good conversion ratios.  If you are interested in learning more about how Funnel Science can increase your websites conversion ratio Call 888-222-4444

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