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Marketing for Aesthetic and Cosmetic Providers

Proven cost effective way to get new patients

Are you able to take more patients right now, or is your clinic currently full? If you’re interested in learning some of the ways your competition has been growing so quickly, getting new patients, and building their waiting list – you’re in the right place.

We have been helping medical clinics and surgeons like you fill their appointment schedules with new patients for the last 8 years. From Plastic Surgeons, Dental Offices, to niche markets such as Vasectomy Reversals – we’ve got proven strategies to immediately bring you new patients.

See how we’ve helped medical offices just like you, below. 

Proven Funnels to Get More Aesthetic, Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Patients

Marketing Science Designed, Tested & Proven for Doctors & Surgeons

We’ve perfected the perfect blend of art and science of digital marketing with strategies that have been tested and proven to work since 2011. We specialize in aesthetic, cosmetic and medical spas and other healthcare practices

Funnel Science can help you in marketing and data science which helps your practice grow with high quality lead generation, email automation, social media ads, funnel design, content marketing, search and display digital advertising, and easy to understand ROI reporting!

Examples of Targeted Funnel 
  • Breast Enhancements
  • Facelifts
  • Back Surgery
  • Mommy Makeovers
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Sports Med Injuries
  • Bariatric/Lipo, Sleeve
  • Non-Surgical In-Office Procedures

Targeting can be setup for cash only or targeted insurance companies. Location, age, gender, income and other demographic targeting is used to bring higher quality.

3 Best Healthcare Marketing Strategies for Practice Growth

Facebook & Instagram Funnels



Actual ROI and Sales Performance report for a Plastic Surgery Office

Combining Google’s tools and our own Tracking and Analytics software, we are able to track and analyze your visitors as well as specific actions desired (goals). From this data, we analyze and profile these leads to determine which of them become customers. This data is utilized to further customize your marketing efforts to target markets who are most likely to become customers. Our “Sales Funnels” are then refined into proven channels, giving you the best return.

Understanding How the Marketing Science Works

  1. Perform Strict Quality Control of KPI’s
    We will look at every channel where you currently exist online and develop an analysis of your digital reputation, making suggestions as to which channels are the best fit for plastic surgeons and advising on where you need not spend time or money. This review can also include a team check-up. Through inbound and outbound communication monitoring, we can identify if patient and customer service is a highlight or downfall of your practice. This is a common hole in surgeon’s sales funnels as they are often too busy to effectively observe the day-to-day activities of every team member. We can help accomplish this.

  2. Audience Segmentation and Testing
    Once your online reputation is stable and we have eliminated any holes in your patient care funnel, we will ensure specific and intentional targeting of your marketing campaigns. Not everyone is meant for your message, so establishing who your people are is the first step in perfecting your strategy. We don’t just want to bring you traffic and clicks, we want to fill your surgery schedule with actual surgery appointments.

  3. Sales Funnels Based on Tens of Thousands of Tests Results
    Considering that over 4 million advertisers are on Google Ads, it’s important to also know that this type of marketing converts 50% better than organic traffic. Why? Because when you appeal to patients that are already searching for dental surgeons like you, you are halfway to converting them to an appointment holder. If you are among the 44% of local businesses that are NOT advertising with PPC, you are be missing the opportunity to fill your surgery calendar.

    If you are not sure how your internal team is performing, unaware of your marketing ROI, and simply too busy to take any of this on yourself, it is a great time to schedule a consultation. We are currently open to your industry and look forward to reviewing your marketing efforts! Call us at 972-867-3100.

Location Targeting per Branch

Set targeting only for specific mile radius around your school or successful zip codes.

Proven SEO & PPC Marketing Strategies

Want to Show up on Top of Google Search & Google Maps? We’re here to help.​

Landing Pages with a Purpose

Send Parents to specific landing pages that align with your campaign and ad verbiage

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