Fix Your Website. Increase Website Traffic. Grow Online Sales!

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Fix Your Website. Increase Website Traffic. Grow Online Sales!

The most important thing you can do in 2016 to help your business grow, is to read and maximize Google’s newly published webmaster SEO guidelines!

Why is this 160 page book from Google so important?

This is the 1st time ever, Google has published website guidelines. If you follow the instructions and execute correctly, you can significantly increase online traffic and sales. These are so important, Funnel Science required our team to read, learn and memorize.

Why Is Google Publishing Webmaster Guidelines?

Google is primarily concerned with providing Google users with the best experience. The only way Google can do that is to show the best websites on top of the search results.

How to Get the Webmaster Guidelines?Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide


First, read this 32 page Starter Guidelines attached to the right


Second, complete the contact form and in the message box request the complete Webmaster Guidelines. We will send it to you for free and your are under no obligation to use our services!


(The only reason we didn’t attach the 160 page SEO guidelines is because the file size is too large and takes for ever to download.)


If you want to double or even triple monthly sales – make these guidelines your priority in 2016 and your analytics will look like the sales graph below.

Increase website sales


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