SEO not Working - Why SEO doesnt Produce Sales

No Results from your SEO Company?

3 Reasons Why Your SEO is not Working

Today Funnel Science was contacted by a New York Real Estate professional regarding their website and asked us to review the SEO on the site.  It was immediately obvious that the SEO work was implemented only to produced traffic, however that traffic was not relevant and therefore did not produce leads.  The reason why the traffic generated by the SEO company did not produces sales for the business is because the traffic sent to the site was not real live breathing people, it was simply clicks generated by a computer to make the reports look better.

So how do you recognize Good SEO from Bad SEO?

The real question is how to recognize SEO that has a Return-On-Investment and the SEO that produces worthless clicks.  First, if you are focused more on traffic generation than conversions, you are going to get good looking reports that show lots of website traffic.

1) Your Internet Marketing Company is not tracking the website anayltics and they do not have conversion tracking installed on the site.  There is absolutely no excuse for a SEO company not to track the data correctly; Google gives the tools away for free to every website and it takes only minutes to install.  The main reason why SEO companies do not track conversions is that that dont want you to know that there marketing work doesnt have a return on investment.

2) Exchanging links on sites that are not relevant.  The goal of internet marketing is to provide relevant information to the users based on the keywords they type into the search engine.  The real estate site mentioned above was linking to sites that had nothing to do with real estate. Therefore the traffic generated was not relevant and only through dumb luck would the visitors ever need their services.  There is a very easy method for you to check your back links: copy your domain name and paste it within quotes into a search engine ex. “”.  A more advance method to comprehensively check back links is to look within Google Webmaster tools (Also Free).

3) It has been months since you signed up for the SEO service and you still don’t have any sales to justify the monthly expense.  Funnel Science has built new websites and generated leads within 60 days from the site launch.  If the marketing is good, results will come quickly.

If you would like to read more information about SEO Scams Click Here.

Funnel Science believes in a Natural SEO, that does not manipulate code or attempts to trick the search engines.  To get conversions out of your website, you need to produce high quality content and market the website to users who are searching for your products and services.  Then test your website with either A/B Testing or Multivariate testing to determine how to increase website conversions.  Conversion optimization is the process of increasing website conversions and this is what your business needs, not SEO.  To learn more about increasing your websites conversions, Call 877-301-0001

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