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SEO Guaranteed Rankings with Google, Yahoo, Bing

Guaranteed Rankings, Guaranteed Traffic,
Special Direct Relationships with Google


Today I spoke with an SEO Salesmen representing a “Internet Marketing Agency” and there claim to fame was that they could guarantee the first ranking on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  I was amazed that anyone would make such a claim so I played along with his sales pitch.

This SEO guy continued by trying to establish credibility by stating his company had a direct relationship with each of the major search engines and that through the relationship, all of this SEO companies clients would get the first page ranking.  I was so intrigued by this “special relationship” that I allowed him to continue.  But first, I made him prove it.

This is where the conversation turned and he desperately attempted to back pedal out of his previous strongly asserted claims.  Google does not specifically endorse any one SEO company and the most definitely do not give out special relationships.


1) No one can guarantee any rankings and really follow through.  Only Google controls their algorithm and they do not manipulate it for certain companies or for anyone else.

2) BS Sales Claims- this is common in the SEO arena.  Sales people who know nothing about how SEO really works and therefore they make up these claims to unknowning businesses.  Always ask how they are going to do something.

Understand that SEO needs to be an integral part of your internet marketing plan, however SEO has a time and place.  This is how you make your website findable to both the search engines and your potential customers.  But there is not special privledged companies that have a leg up over others.

This is a service and the service is only as good as the talent of those performing the service.  SEO should never be the first step to marketing online.  SEO only gets traffic to your website.

If you Website is not designed to convert the traffic into conversions, your SEO plan will fail. If you are currently Search Engine Optimizing your website and are not getting the phone calls and sales – you need to look into your analytics and specifically look into the data representing bounce rate, site click through rate, and number of conversions.  If you need help, Call 877-301-0001

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