Why your Search Engine Optimization is not working

Why your Search Engine Optimization is not working

Is SEO a Scam or is it not working?

Utilizing SEO as your first step to begin marketing your website will doom you for failure. Before you want to start sending traffic to the website, you want to first make sure that the website has proven to convert the visitors into customers.

The average website has a 75% or higher bounce and exit rate.  This means more than 7 of out 10 visitors will leave the siteSearch Engine Optimization not increasing sales from the very first page they land on.  Increasing traffic via SEO will only exacerbate the problem, not fix it.  On top of this, any quality customers that do find your improperly designed website are customers that are lost forever.

Once the website has proven to convert the traffic, you only want to optimize the keywords that have proven to bring in customers.

Not all of your keywords will bring in visitors who will convert into a paying customer.

There are 2 types of keywords (informational and buying) that will bring in 3 types of website visitors:

1) Junk traffic
2) Low quality traffic
3) High quality traffic


Another common reason your SEO is not working is your website has been manipulated to be attractive to computers and not people.  People are buyers and they have different behaviors on websites.  When you add a bunch of  “junk” SEO stuff to the site, it no longer becomes attractive to your readers.

Your website should never emphasis more on Search Engine Optimization compared to Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).  Conversion optimization is the process of A/B or Multi-Variate Testing to increase intended user actions on your website.  Some examples of website conversions are user newsletter sign-ups, registrations, phone calls and completed checkouts to name a few.



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