4 Temperaments of Buying Behavior - Increasing website actions

Marketing to Buying Behaviors

The 4 Temperaments of the Buying Cycle

All people, no matter where they come from, age, sex, race or other diversification, make purchasing decisions based upon their temperaments.

Your customers enter the sales cycle and can be categorized and segmented based upon their unique behaviors.

The 4 Buying Behaviors are grouped as:
1) Analytical
2) Competitive
3) Humanistic
4) Impulsive




When marketing to a Competitive behavior you must immediately answer the question “whats in it for me” within the first 30 seconds of them landing on the webpage or they will leave your website.

You need to begin by immediately addressing what you can specifically do for them as it relates to their situation, i.e. a business owner: What’s in it for my business; Mom: Whats in it for my family.

You have less than 30 seconds to capture their attention or they are going to hit the back button, leave your site, and will probably never return again.

This is not the method used to market towards a Humanistic behavior; the humanistic behavior focuses on building relationships. Other criteria humanist buyers search for are testimonials and success stories as it relates to their unique situation and buying needs.

Analytical Buyers will read everything on your website and will continue to due dilegence reading testimonials and other reviews about you online. They may follow up with ensuring your legal status are in order and are heavily influced by 3rd party reporting which evidences success.

Impulsive Buyers can be the most difficult to market to because their moods vary rapidly. It is crucial to peak their interest with captivating headlines and bullet points.

Everyone has a primary buying behavior

This label is used by marketers to characterize and group customers based upon specific needs and information they are seeking out when they are evaluating your website. In marketing, the goal is to segment your visitors into the path that will most likely cause them to act.

Why This Matter’s in Website Design & Marketing

For each group you fail to market to, you are leaving 25% of your audience on the table.  If you are failing at providing the right information to all 4 behavior groups, your website will have an extremely poor conversion rates and sales.

If your website is not producing sales or leads, your customers are demonstrating that you have not generated their interest and solved their problem. Therefore, there next action will be hitting the back button leaving your website for a competitor’s.