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The Value of a Bad Customer Review on Google

Remember the old saying a picture is worth a 1,000 words?

Here is a screen capture from a Google review a customer left a logistics company. Notice the number of views on each of the four images. This post was written 3 months back and since then has collected more than 18,000 views on Google.

That is about 200 views per day!

How much do you think this bad review has cost this business? If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, what do you think the value lost is from these 4 pictures posted to the internet?

Would you trust your company’s freight and shipping to a company that can’t even keep a clean and organized warehouse and has customer complaints?

How does your company go about training employees to handle pissed off customers before they get to the point of leaving negative reviews about your company? What is your customer service and marketing team doing to build positive online reviews?

The best companies improve customer service and sales performance by listening to customer phone call recordings. Your marketing team should be assisting by analyzing customer calls by source, keyword, page, length of time, sentiment analysis, and the outcome of calls. Call recordings help fix issues on the sales side, shine light on customer experiences and points-of-view, and help improve the overall customer journey.

By listening to call recordings, your team will find good and bad customer experiences and sentiment analysis can really speed things up. It can even alert your managers when there is a problem in real time. This tool helps prevent bad customer reviews and is an excellent training methodology as well.

Google Reviews Impact SEO Rankings!

There are 2 very important milestones that every business needs to work towards to rank higher with Google: 30 reviews is the first and 100 is the second. This is especially important for B2C companies. The more online reviews you have, the higher your website will rank. It is also important too to get more customers. It is estimated somewhere between 40 to 80% of customers will check online reviews prior to making a purchasing decision.

This means they are absolutely vital the health of your sales funnel.

The goal is not to have a perfect score. You can’t please everyone at all times and perfection can often appear fake or paid. Fake and paid reviews will both hurt your sales funnel and tarnish your overall online brand image. When building your company’s online reputation, you need to look at boosting social media reviews, Google, and additional sources like Yelp. The more reviews on third party websites, the better your rankings. You will even see more sales from¬† PPC, SEO and Shopping PLA campaigns, especially if you get those 5 star ratings under your Google Ads.

Other important review sites are, the, and industry specific sites like Capterra, Getapp and

It’s ok, and sometimes important, to receive some honest, harsh reviews. They can even drive you to make better decisions in your business. But, it’s even more important to strive for greatness and earn better reviews than the one we’ve referenced here. How does your reputation look online? Not sure? Let us know. We can help.

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