How Rapidly A/b testing ads drives down the cost per click in AdWords

How Rapidly A/b testing ads drives down the cost per click in AdWords

A/b Testing AdWords Ads for Luxury Apartments

Recently one of our luxury apartment management groups contacted about a Penthouse apartment that was available for lease. They had been trying to lease this unit for several months with the traditional marketing campaigns. They reached out to us to see how we could help. Funnel Science recommended creating 3 new PPC ads they were specifically focused on the penthouse apartment avaiable.

The new ads launched on September 22 and the unit was leased by October 6.  The total cost was $153 in AdWords and the lease was several thousand monthly. The marketing director was very pleased with the high ROI that resulted from this SEM campaign.

The penthouse ads only ran for 14 days in a very short amount of time you can see that Ad Test 2 outperformed Ad 1 by 101% in the Click Through Rate. In AdWords, the higher your CTR, the lower you will pay in cost per click. Since Ad 2 had a much higher CTR, the CPC was lower saving 30% / $0.44 per click over Ad 1.

Split Test Early Results


Now that the penthouse apartment has been leased, we will turn off all of the Penthouse ads and focus on the luxury and town-home units. When another Penthouse unit becomes available, we know that Ad 2 has proven to generate leads that convert to lease and we will use that as the baseline ad to test against for future campaigns.




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