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B2B Lead Generation Strategy

Checkout how we generated $10 Million in new sales with a $1.5 million ad budget.
The most overlooked part of a funnel is the measurement. If you measure wrong, you will manage wrong. The analytics is the most important part to setup correctly!

You must have accurate conversion tracking to track the metrics that really matter. Not vanity metrics like impressions, views, clicks…you need to know things like leads, quality leads, cost per lead, sales, revenue, ROI/ROAS, and cost per acquisitions.

Here is an example for a B2B lead generation campaign that we have been running for the last 15 months. We are using Google Ads, Bing Ads, Youtube Video, Email Drip campaigns, Webinars, and Retargeting.

Each campaign has very different performance. Knowing the numbers of your funnel and being able to prove the results, a/b test or multi-variate testing, and supporting your decisions with facts.

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