Video Shows AdWords Managers how to use CRM

Video Shows AdWords and SEM Managers How to Use CRM To Optimize PPC

New Video Channel From PPC Rainmakers Gaining Subscribers

Many of our readers are familiar with CRM (Customer Relations Management) software and probably use at least one application in their own business. For CRM software to reach its full potential, it can be used to record and later analyse the behaviors of prospective customers (prospects) that went on to purchase a product or service from you. If you can analyse the behaviors of prospects who previously bought from you, you can use this information to predict which future prospects will buy from you, based on similar behaviors, and then target your PPC spend more precisely.

Get this right, and you will enjoy Conversion Rates far in excess of anything you’ve seen up until now. In the video below, we outline how call tracking can be integrated into CRM to link online behaviors, such as clicking on your ad and browsing your website, with the offline or real-world behavior of calling to make an inquiry or to place an order. As well as describing the action of setting up phone call tracking, the video also emphasizes that it is your human staff, your sales team that assesses the caller to determine if that caller is a qualified lead or buyer. Click on the video below and then click on the square symbol in the bottom right of that screen to view the video in full screen.

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It presents primers and interviews covering all elements of Analytics, Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Yahoo and Amazon, as well as the more general topics such as SEO, SEM, and Conversions tracking.

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