Facebook Advertising Strategy – More Sales Facebook traffic

Facebook Advertising Strategy – How to get more sales from Facebook traffic

Customer Profiling helps businesses to make more sales on Facebook

Facebook Advertising Strategy

Facebook Advertising Strategy – How to get more sales from Facebook traffic.

Marketing to the specific behavior or needs of the end user is the most effective internet marketing strategy because it yields higher conversion rates.  When you market to the behavior, you target specific profiles from your customer base.

If you are targeting competitive young women, your customer profile should indicate this group of buyers greatly values their appearance and looks.

A study was published on Feb. 17, 2011 Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking revealing very important information on how to target the competitive young woman customer profile with Facebook.

(The study was co authored by Dr. Michael A. Stefanone, (Ph.D. Department of Communication, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, New York), Derek Lackaff (Ph.D. Department of Radio, Television and Film, University of Texas, Austin, Texas) and Devan Rosen (Ph.D. Department of Speech, University of Hawaii, Manoa, Hawaii)


Is your target market young women who value appearance?

A Facebook marketing strategy could greatly increase your sales by placing targeted advertisements to this base of online users.

The research study found that this psychographic base publishes pictures of themselves on Facebook at a higher rate than other Facebook users.

So if your products are designed to make young women look good, or if you can cater your message to demonstrate how your product will make them look good, you will have greater return on investment.

If your products don’t appeal to this group and your strategy is to advertise on Facebook, you need to ensure that you are not wasting your advertising budget on these facebookers.

This process is called customer profiling.

This type of customer profiling is absolutely essential to effective internet marketing.  When you profile your customer base and determine the buying motives that lead to sales, you can target online users and place highly relevant ads to their unique and individual behaviors.

Taking this example a step further, let’s use diamond rings as an example.  There will be many buying motives that customers will have when looking for a new diamond ring to purchase.  For a competitive behavior, you would want to target young women who value appearance more so than others.  Your advertisement should demonstrate how good the user will look if they buy a diamond ring from you.

Now another buying motive comes from analytical behaviors, where they will be more concerned on value.  If you focus your advertising solely on looks, this advertisement will not appeal to the analytical buyer who is looking for the best value.

In total, there are 4 behavior groups that all buyers will be categorized into; the other two are Humanistic and Impulsive buyers.  Where Impulsive buyers could be affected by any type of advertisement and humanistic buyers respond best to ads that appeal to relationships.

The purpose of customer profiling is to determine who buys your products and how to appeal to their needs.

Funnel Science constantly researches online user trends to segment traffic sources.  When you are using the internet to market your products and services, segmenting traffic is absolutely crucial to success.

When you don’t accurately target your ads, you will segment your audience by 25%.  For each buying behavior group you fail to market to, you leave 25% of your audience on the table.  Fail to market to all 4, and you are failing 100%


To Improve you Internet Marketing Strategy

Test your traffic sources for conversions

This means testing Facebook traffic to determine if Facebookers will buy from your business.  You should also test the traffic from other social media outlets such as Twitter and LinkedIN.

Funnel Science has determined that not all online traffic sources generate sales.  In one example of a financial services company, they generated a significant number of leads from advertising on a competitors website that placed Googles PPC Ads on the page.

But that same company generated 0 sales using the same ads from Google on the website About.com.  Not all traffic will have a regular supply of buyers.  Certain websites online generate traffic only from information seekers.

Not all information seekers are buyers!

When you test your traffic sources for online conversions, you can 100% determine the value of that type of marketing.  You can also determine the exact ROI and if you should even invest in advertising to a specific customer profile.

If you need help or looking for more information about building an effective internet marketing strategy, Funnel Science can help.

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Marcus Bradley has been testing websites to determine which website variables cause positive and negative user responses since 2001.  He has worked on several hundred websites testing the actions of online shoppers and how they respond when you change colors, design, layout, keywords; the list goes on and on.

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